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RMG, Spring 2003, 38.1

In this issue:

  • Jason F. Hicks, Kirk R. Johnson, John D. Obradovich, Daniel P. Miggins, and Lisa Tauxe
    Magnetostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) to lower Eocene strata of the Denver Basin, Colorado
  • Elisabeth A. Wheeler and Thomas C. Michalski
    Paleocene and early Eocene woods of the Denver Basin, Colorado
  • Richard S. Barclay, Kirk R. Johnson, William J. Betterton, and David L. Dilcher
    Stratigraphy and megaflora of a K-T boundary section in the eastern Denver Basin, Colorado
  • Beth Ellis, Kirk R. Johnson, and Regan E. Dunn
    Evidence for an in situ early Paleocene rainforest from Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Kirk R. Johnson, Michele L. Reynolds, Kevin W. Werth, and Joseph R. Thomasson
    Overview of the Late Cretaceous, early Paleocene, and early Eocene megafloras of the Denver Basin, Colorado
  • J. Howard Hutchison and Patricia A. Holroyd
    Late Cretaceous and early Paleocene turtles of the Denver Basin, Colorado
  • Jaelyn J. Eberle
    Puercan mammalian systematics and biostratigraphy in the Denver Formation, Denver Basin, Colorado
  • Robert G. Raynolds and Kirk R. Johnson
    Synopsis of the stratigraphy and paleontology of the uppermost Cretaceous and lower Tertiary strata in the Denver Basin, Colorado