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RMG, Spring 2002, 37.1

In this issue:

  • Microbial taphonomic processes in the fossilization of insects and plants in the late Eocene Florissant Formation, Colorado
  • A new insect and plant Lagerstätte from a Tertiary lake deposit along the Canyon Ferry Reservoir, southwestern Montana
  • Paleobiology of middle Eocene plant-insect associations from the Pacific Northwest: A preliminary report
  • Intraspecific dental variability in cf. Coryphodon anthracoideus (Mammalia: Pantodonta) from Roehler's Coryphodon Catastrophe Quarry, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
  • Structural and seismic-reflection evidence for development of the Simpson Ridge anticline and separation of the Hanna and Carbon Basins, Carbon County, Wyoming
  • Katharine Fowler-Billings: Pioneering woman field geologist trained in the Rocky Mountains