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RMG, Spring 2000, 35.1

In this issue:

  • Reflections on Proterozoic magmatism of the Rocky Mountains and environs: Past and present
  • 2.01-Ga Kennedy dike swarm, southeastern Wyoming: Record of a rifted margin along the southern Wyoming province
  • SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages for Big Creek gneiss, Wyoming and Boulder Creek batholith, Colorado: Implications for timing of Paleoproterozoic accretion of the northern Colorado province
  • Age and Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic systematics of plutonic rocks from the Green Mountain magmatic arc, southeastern Wyoming: Isotopic characterization of a Paleoproterozoic island arc system
  • The 1.76-Ga Horse Creek anorthosite complex, Wyoming: A massif anorthosite emplaced late in the Medicine Bow orogeny
  • Dynamic versus anorogenic setting for Mesoproterozoic plutonism in the Wet Mountains, Colorado: Does the interpretation depend on level of exposure?
  • An overview of the petrology and geochemistry of the Sherman batholith, southeastern Wyoming: Identifying multiple sources of Mesoproterozoic magmatism