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RMG, Spring 1999, 34.1

In this issue:
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  • Introduction to special issues, Part II: Nature of tectonic boundaries in lithosphere of the Rocky Mountains
  • Insights into the Proterozoic geology of the Park Range, Colorado
  • Metamorphism and deformation near the ∼1.4-Ga Mount Ethel pluton, Park Range, Colorado
  • The Yavapai-Mazatzal crustal boundary in the Southern Rocky Mountains
  • New Mexico middle-crustal cross sections: 1.65-Ga macroscopic geometry, 1.4-Ga thermal structure, and continued problems in understanding crustal evolution
  • A middle-crustal cross section from the Rincon Range, northern New Mexico: Evidence for 1.68-Ga, pluton influenced tectonism and 1.4-Ga regional metamorphism
  • Thermal, structural, and petrological evidence for 1400-Ma metamorphism and deformation in central New Mexico
  • The Rio Grande rift: A geological and geophysical overview
  • Seismic expression of Late Cretaceous to Recent structure in southwestern New Mexico