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RMG, Fall 2013, 48.2

  • Stephen T. Allard and Douglas H. Portis
    Paleoproterozoic transpressional shear zone, eastern Black Hills, South Dakota: Implications for the late tectonic history of the southern Trans-Hudson Orogen

  • Steven M. Cather, Kate E. Zeigler, Greg H. Mack, and Shari A. Kelley
    Toward standardization of Phanerozoic stratigraphic nomenclature in New Mexico

  • Troy Schinkel and Michael C. Wizevich
    Silicified layers within the Paleogene volcaniclastic Brian Head Formation, southern Utah: Insights into the origin of silicified beds in nonmarine strata

  • William A. Clemens and Jason A. Lillegraven
    Interpreting stratigraphic relationships and Laramide structural history of the northeastern margin of the Hanna Basin (Wyoming): Meniscoessus (Mammalia, Multituberculata) exposes its faults

  • Donald W. Tomlinson, Peter Copeland, Michael A. Murphy, and Thomas J. Lapen
    Oligocene shortening in the Little Burro Mountains of southwest New Mexico

  • Kaitlin I. Singer and R. V. Fodor
    Petrology of Stewart Mountain basalt field in central Arizona, U.S.A.: A lithospheric source with small-scale trace element and isotopic heterogeneities