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RMG, Fall 2004, 39.2

In this issue:

  • Timing, style, and significance of Cambrian through Laramide brittle reactivation along the Proterozoic Homestake shear zone, Colorado mineral belt
  • The Wyoming Jurassic fossil Dentalium subquadratum Meek, 1860 is not a scaphopod but a serpulid worm tube
  • Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the upper Fox Hills and lower Hell Creek Formations at the Concordia Hadrosaur Site in northwestern South Dakota
  • Unconformities and age relationships, Tongue River and older members of the Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), western Williston Basin, U.S.A.
  • The King and Hayden Surveys: Overlap of pioneering mapping in northern Colorado