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RMG, Fall 1998, 33.2

In this issue:

  • Introduction to special issues: Lithospheric structure and evolution of the Rocky Mountains (Parts I and II)
  • Persistent influence of Proterozoic accretionary boundaries in the tectonic evolution of southwestern North America: Interaction of cratonic grain and mantle modification events
  • Crustal and uppermost mantle structure along the Deep Probe seismic profile
  • Deep structure beneath the Southern Rocky Mountains from the Rocky Mountain Front Broadband Seismic Experiment
  • Geophysical studies of crustal structure in the Rocky Mountain region: A review
  • Large-scale geomorphology and fission-track thermochronology in topographic and exhumation reconstructions of the Southern Rocky Mountains
  • Medicine Bow orogeny: Timing of deformation and model of crustal structure produced during continent-arc collision, ca. 1.78 Ga, southeastern Wyoming
  • Geophysical constraints on the deep structure of the Cheyenne belt, southeastern Wyoming
  • Lower crustal and upper mantle xenoliths along the Cheyenne belt and vicinity