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RMG, Spring 2022, 57.1


  • Provenance of Devonian–Carboniferous strata of Colorado: The influence of the Cambrian and the Proterozoic
    Christopher S. Holm-Denoma; William A. Matthews; Linda K. Soar; Mark W. Longman; James W. Hagadorn

  • Was the K/Pg boundary Classopollis ‘spike’ a singular event? A review of global palynological records suggests otherwise, with potentially broad implications
    Keith Berry

  • Lost bones: In search of Wesley Hurt’s Mammoth, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument’s Quarai Unit, central New Mexico
    David M. Rachal; Ronald C. D. Fields

  • Insights into the Devonian–Carboniferous transition and Hangenberg Event from δ13Ccarb and 87Sr/86Sr chemostratigraphy of shallow platform carbonate strata of northwestern Colorado
    James W. Hagadorn; Bonita L. Lahey; Linda K. Soar; Mark W. Longman; D. Jeffrey Over; Ryan D. Mills