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Contributions, Summer 1979, 17.2

In this issue:

  • Introduction to the second uranium issue and some suggestions for prospecting
  • Early Proterozoic tectonics of the central Rocky Mountains, North America
  • Stratigraphy of the Phantom Lake Metamorphic Suite and Deep Lake Group and a review of the Precambrian tectonic history of the Medicine Bow Mountains
  • Stratigraphy and structure of the lower part of the Precambrian Libby Creek Group, central Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming
  • A review of the stratigraphy and uranium potential of early Proterozoic (Precambrian X) metasediments in the Sierra Madre, Wyoming
  • Uranium, thorium, and gold in the lower Proterozoic(?) Estes Conglomerate, Nemo District, Lawrence County, South Dakota
  • Uranium and thorium concentrations in Precambrian granites as indicators of a uranium province in central Wyoming
  • Genesis of the Schwartzwalder uranium deposit, Jefferson County, Colorado
  • Classification of uranium deposits