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Contributions, Jan. 1963, 2-1

In this issue:

  • Samuel Howell Knight
  • Columnar jointing in sandstone
  • Correlation of volcanic rock units in the southern Absaroka Mountains, northwest Wyoming
  • Compositions of silicate surfaces and surface phenomena
  • Environmental significance of sharks in the Shotgun fauna, Paleocene of Wyoming
  • Ice expansion ramparts on south arm of Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming
  • Laramide vertical movements in central Wyoming
  • Pedestal rocks in the Laramie Range, Albany County, Wyoming
  • Rubidium in alkali feldspar perthites
  • A Wyoming specimen of Dendrophycus
  • The chemistry of fossil bones from Wyoming and adjacent states
  • Non-paleontological methods of correlation of rocks of Tertiary age in Wyoming; Part 2, Glass shards
  • Rhythmic alternation in the Triassic Chugwater and Brunswick formations, Wyoming and New Jersey
  • Karst-like features in badlands of the Arizona Petrified Forest