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Contributions, December 1997, 32.1

In this issue:

  • A festschrift in honor of Marshall Lambert
  • Marine ichnogenera within Torrejonian facies (Paleocene) of the Fort Union Formation, southeastern Montana
  • Agonistic behavior in pachycephalosaurs (Ornithischia, Dinosauria); a new look at head-butting behavior
  • Marine Upper Cretaceous rocks and their ammonite record along the northern flank of the Black Hills uplift, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota
  • Trace fossils of the Fox Hills Formation, Bowman County, North Dakota
  • A North Dakota Triceratops skull
  • Mammals and mollusks across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary from Makoshika State Park and vicinity (Williston Basin), Montana
  • Paleoenvironmental distribution of Paleocene palynomorph assemblages from brackish water deposits in the Ludlow, Slope, and Cannonball formations, southwestern North Dakota