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Contributions, Spring 1994, 30.1

In this issue:

  • Paleoenvironments, lithofacies and varves of the Fossil Butte Member of the Eocene Green River Formation, southwestern Wyoming
  • Studies of paleoenvironments and historical biogeography in the Fossil Butte and Laney Members of the Green River Formation
  • Paleontological and sedimentological variation in early Eocene Fossil Lake
  • Early Bridgerian (middle Eocene) vertebrate paleontology and paleoecology of the southern Green River Basin, Wyoming
  • Multi-scale sedimentary controls on taphonomy of the Paleocene Fort Union Formation, southwestern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
  • Myrmekomomys, a new genus of micromomyine (Mammalia, ?Microsyopidae) from the lower Eocene rocks of the Powder River basin, Wyoming
  • Paromomyidae (?Dermoptera) from the Powder River basin, Wyoming, and a discussion of microevolution in closely-related species