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Contributions, Fall 1986, 24.2

In this issue:

  • Paleontology and deposition of the Phosphoria Formation
  • Depositional environments and phosphatization of the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale tongue of the Phosphoria Formation, Leach Mountains, Nevada
  • Preliminary report on the geology and phosphate resources of the Freeman Ridge area, southeastern Idaho
  • Conodont biostratigraphy of the Permian Meade Peak phosphatic shale member, Phosphoria Formation, southeastern Idaho
  • Bryozoans from the Phosphoria Formation (Permian), southeastern Idaho
  • Stellahexaformis and Morozoviella; two new genera of Bryozoa from the Gerster Formation, northeastern Nevada
  • Permian conodont biostratigraphy of the Ishbel Group, southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia
  • Stratigraphy, environment of deposition, and age of a phosphatic unit and adjacent rocks in the Wells Formation, southeastern Idaho, with evidence for a revised Pennsylvanian-Permian stratigraphy boundary
  • Epilogue for the Permian in the western Cordillera; a retrospective view from the Triassic